Heart rhythm

Heartmath: More Than Meditation in Less Time

Heart rhythm

Heartmath: more than meditation in less time

The following are answers to some commonly asked questions about the Heartmath system of decreasing stress.

I use it and it has made a difference in my life.

Coherence: “A process whereby sustained positive emotions facilitate a whole-body shift in functioning at all levels, marked by a distinct change in heart rhythm DIFFERENT from relaxation. “  (McCraty, R. 2015. Science of the Heart. Vol 2)

This synchronizes the efficiency of communications between your heart and the brain and body.

Difference between Coherence and Meditation/relaxation:

Relaxation/meditation slows everything down. Slower heart rate, slower respiratory rate and lowers heart rate variability.

Coherence does not necessarily lower your heart rate. but it changes the heart rhythm pattern. In a well-trained/practiced person, coherence can be maintained throughout the activity. It is used by athletes and artists (musicians etc) throughout the world to increase focus and performance.

Yeah but I still have to sit and breath.

Not really.

Once you practice the methods, you can slip into coherence in any “tight” situation (like traffic, dealing with management, test anxiety, situations that would normally make you angry).  You retrain your brain to react differently.

Why is heart rate variability (HRV) important?

HRV is like looking at a picture of overall resilience or ability to handle stress. This could be stress from outside, like traffic, teenagers, etc or from inside like illness, mental or physical.

When labor and delivery professionals look at fetal monitor tracings, we look at the baby’s heart rate variability.  If the variability (time between heartbeats) decreases (monitor tracing starts to look flat or unresponsive to contractions) then we know the baby needs to be delivered soon.

Simply, it is an indicator of health and fitness.

HRV decreases with age but by practicing the Heartmath techniques, low HRV can be restored to healthy values.

Do I have to buy equipment?

No.  The techniques can be learned without the biofeedback equipment.  But, the equipment gives you a visual (or auditory) signal of how you are doing.


For more information go to www.heartmath.com

For training in Heartmath techniques email Theresalohman00@gmail.com to arrange a consultation.

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