You are the key

Health And Wellness Coaching. Is It For You?

Health and Wellness Coaching, you are the key
You Are The Key To Your Success

Health and Wellness Coaching:  Do you need it?

Do you have unmet New Years Resolutions?

You make promises to yourself to do………………, but then you don’t?

Do you start a lot of stuff and never finish?

Ever ask yourself, Why bother?

Then you may benefit from health and wellness coaching.

Not every coach coaches in the same manner.

Some act more like experts. They may run some tests and tell you to take X supplements.

Some make a plan for you to follow.

Some ask you what you want, or hope to gain from coaching.  Then they help you find the way to accomplish your goals.

See if the coach you select will give you a free session to see if you are right for each other.

Just because one doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean no one will.

Your coach should be your ally and not “the boss of you”.

What is your responsibility as the client?

First, you need to except that your health is your responsibility.  It is not your coaches, it is not your doctors or your family’s.  They are all there to help but they can’t do it for you.

Understand that coaching is a relationship between you and your coach. The purpose is to create goals and plan a strategy that will help you attain those goals.

Coaching is comprehensive.  It will touch all areas of your life. These may include, work, family, finances, nutrition and so on.

Coaching does not treat mental disorders. If you have a need for counseling seek the help of someone trained in that field. Coaching is not it.

Do not use your coach as a substitute for medical care. This is true, even if your coach has a medical background unless you are a “patient” with a medical chart in that office.

Be on time for your appointments.   Don’t be surprised if you have to pay for appointments canceled at the last minute.

Have an idea of what you want to work on.

You have to be an active participant or coaching will not be effective.

What might the first health and wellness coaching visit look like?

This is when you and your coach get to know each other and establish a relationship conducive to coaching.

Your coach should listen more than talk.

You should be able to trust your coach.  Trust that they will be honest with you. Trust that they will keep your information confidential.

You and your coach will decide your readiness for coaching and develop a cursory plan on areas of focus.

You may have filled out a wellness assessment. Or, your coach may ask you questions pertaining to your health and wellness practices.

You should feel more relaxed as the session progresses.  If you are feeling uncomfortable about anything, mention this to your coach.

Decide, with your coach, how you will measure your success.

Your coach may have you do a strengths analysis at so you can learn how to use the strengths you have to achieve your goals.

You should leave the coaching session with some initial action steps toward accomplishing your goals.

Subsequent visits should build from the foundation visit.

I hope this has clarified any questions you may have about wellness coaching.

Please contact me if you have any other questions at

Terri Lohman RN DNP APRN CCA

Wellness Coach

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