Gene Variants That Can Affect Your Longevity: Apo B

Supports a healthy heart unless you have a genetic variant

APO B variant and high cholesterol

Wait!  I know the title sounds boring.  But, if you have this variant, your risk for heart disease and high cholesterol is higher than those without the variant.  How much higher? That depends.

First, understand that cholesterol is not a bad guy.  You need it to make hormones. Your brain needs it to function. 

So why does everyone want to lower it so much?

The purpose of cholesterol in your blood vessels is to act as a Band-Aid.  It covers areas in the vessels that are damaged by inflammation.  If you don’t treat the root cause, inflammation, your body keeps putting Band-Aids on it and eventually the Band-Aids build up and block the vessel resulting in a blockage. Depending on where this is, it could cause a heart attack or block a vessel to a leg or wherever.  Of course, a blockage in the heart is the deadliest.

Back to the variant.  If you have two copies of this variant, one from each parent, your risk of having excess LDL (bad, sort of) cholesterol is greater than those with only one variant or none.

The good news.

Diet and lifestyle can control whether this switch turns on or off. 

Genetic predisposition just means your risk is higher. You can control much of how it actually influences your health.

“Nutrigenomics is the study of the effects of food and food constituents on gene expression, and how genetic variations affect the nutritional environment. It focuses on understanding the interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactives with the genome at the molecular level, to understand how specific nutrients or dietary regimes may affect human health.”

Why is nutrigenomics important?

Because it has been proven that what we eat and digest can have a profound influence on how our genes are expressed.

I add digest because, if our gut is in bad shape, you can eat all the nutritious stuff you want but your body may not be able to use it. A story for a different time.

So, what nutrients/foods can help this particular variant to behave itself?

Green tea extract around 500 mg/day.  At least one cup of organic green tea daily.

Grape skin extract:  This contains resveratrol.  Red wine or take the extract as a supplement.

Pomegranate extract: Antioxidant

Artichoke extract: Helpful in maintaining normal cholesterol levels

In general, eating a whole food diet high in good fats and vegetables improves overall health.

But, don’t forget that exercise, sleep, relaxation, relationships, stress, and toxins are all important as well.

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

This little blurb certainly is not all of the information out there.

There may be affiliate links to products. These are only suggestions. I try to pick those that have good manufacturing practices are well known and have the fewest fillers. Organic is best but hard to find.

The total cost of these 4 supplements is about $20 per month.  Of course, you can always eat whole foods. But, daily intake of all four of these could get pricey and boring.

ApoB is only one of the many genes/variants that have the potential to affect our health in a negative way if we don’t have the lifestyle to keep them from being expressed.

Do you have this variant?

You can go to 23 & me. Be aware that they don’t really explain the results and they do sell your information. It is in their consent form. They are owned by Google. And, your DNA is shared with Glaxo-Smith Kline (a very large pharmaceutical company).

You can also go to  to see how to have your variants tested for by a HIPAA compliant company. This costs you approximately $99. Well, the kit is $160 and the lab fee is $99. Then, if you choose, you can have a supplement made uniquely for you and delivered to you on a monthly basis. Whether or not you choose to use your own unique designer supplement, you will get a 37-page report with your gene variants explained. There will be nutrient suggestions to support your genetics. You can buy the supplements at your favorite supplement shop and or eat the whole foods that are recommended. I prefer to use the supplement. But, I used to take 19 supplements daily. This is so much less expensive and I didn’t need a lot of what I was taking. There are over 400 million possible combinations currently.

It’s worth checking out especially if you use a lot of supplements.

I use the supplements and have been pleased to see a long-term skin issue vanishing, my blood pressure stable, better focus and memory.  What it would do for you would vary based on your genetics.

Why do I promote it?  Because designer nutrition is the future and it’s working for me. No more one size fits all supplements. No more guessing what supplements will support my genetic profile.

Check it out.

Otherwise, eat whole foods and do the best you can with the rest of the lifestyle stuff.

Happy Holidays.🎵

Terri Lohman DNP FNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)

By the way, if you choose to use the supplement and refer others, you get 25% off of your product up to 4 people.

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