Conventional Medicine Is Strangling Me

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Conventional Medicine Is Strangling Me

In case you don’t know, I am a family nurse practitioner.  I have a doctorate.  There are lots of initials after my name.

In the state that I live in, it doesn’t matter.

I have to practice with a collaborating physician.

This means some physician is paid to review a small percentage of my charts. He/she doesn’t have to know me personally.

Becuase I work for someone, they arrange the collaborator.  I could tell you who but I would have to look it up.

Anyway, the rules of the organization I work for state that I will practice conventional medicine.  This means not referring to alternative therapies that I know would help someone with a cold.

While I don’t encourage antibiotics for colds (in fact it is contraindicated) I find myself giving a brief explanation of why it is not a good idea but give the patient the option.

I mentioned essential oils to someone (someone who uses essential oils) and apparently to owner got wind of it and prevented me from working inside the clinic for some time.

I do DOT physicals offsite.

The other NP gave me the heads up.

So I name it, blame it and give it a pill.  After all, that’s what America wants. Well, maybe not all of America.

Functional Medicine Coaching and Practice.

If I were younger, or practiced in a state that doesn’t restrict nurse practitioners from practicing to the top of their license, I would open up a small, cash only, functional medicine practice.

I would spend time getting to know my patients and getting to the root cause of their issues.

Maybe I would be able to help them prevent the onset of chronic illness.

As I am not younger and don’t live in a state that permits me to do what I’m passionate about, I will do it by another venue.

Functional Medicine Coaching

Health coaching is a way of helping people to accomplish their wellness goals.

Coaches are allies.  Coaches do not punish you for not reaching your goal, they help you find out why.

Yes, they do some educating but the point is to help a client to set a focus, and goals for that focus with action steps to complete it.

Most people who use coaches are already reasonably healthy or have been on a wellness journey only to find speed bumps.

Coaches are accountability partners.

The goals are yours, the action steps are those you are willing to take.

This is the venue I will use to assist people, and myself, to a healthier existence.

So why is conventional medicine strangling me?

It is a treat em and street em world.

Health care systems want you to just see patients, treat them (with a pill etc) and send them on their way. Have them come back for monitoring of their symptoms(because these pills don’t cure anything).

They don’t want you to spend time with a patient and hear about how they got to the state of health they’re in.

That’s why I’m going to coaching.  This is a profession where I am paid to take my time and increase the wellness of my clients.

Sure, I won’t be a millionaire doing it.  But, I won’t be helping insurance companies build any fancy buildings with waterfalls and fountains on their property.

I won’t be helping the CEO of some medical organization make $300K per year, or more.

I will be doing what I intended to do when I went into nursing.

I will be helping others.

Have a quiet, peaceful evening.



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