Suddenly, I Have A Chronic Disease!


I Woke Up With A Chronic Disease.

First of all, let me define an oxymoron. a figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory ideas or terms are combined (Ex.: thunderous silence, sweet sorrow)
Read more at http://www.yourdictionary.com/oxymoron#EqAiB7bpg1b7bD5B.99

Why do I bring this up?

Because Sudden and Chronic are incongruous.  They have opposite meanings.

Sudden, in medical terminology, is acute.  Rapid onset.

Chronic is long lasting.  More than a couple of months, Slow onset.

“But the pain just happened overnight.”

Did it, or did it just get unbearable over night?

My blood sugar was fine a year ago.  Was it?  Or was it just not diagnostic of diabetes?

I can site a situation from my own history.  I had fasting blood work done, like a good girl.  My fasting sugar was 113.  That is obviously over the 90-100 that they like to see. My A1C was not diagnositc of diabetes but it was borderline.  Thankfully I can interpret my own labs.  The next think I know, I am getting a call from the office saying I need a statin for my cholesterol.   What does that have to do with blood sugar.  PLENTY.   The statin was based only on my age and one lipid measurement, my LDL. The LDL hadn’t changed just my age. That statin would have thrown me over the line to diabetes becuase statins do that.  I won’t get into the mechanism.

The point here is that chronic illness doesn’t happen overnight.  In rare cases someone can suddenly become type 1 diabtic but most of the time people are type 2 and that is related to lifestyle.

Why is chronic disease important to me today?

I work in an urgent care.  We do not do primary care at all. Some do, we don’t.

I had someone come in with generalized pain, swelling in the hands.  Pain not relieved by an over the counter.

Now I have to determine why.

Did this just come out of nowhere?

No changes in diet, meds, injuries and so on.

Actually this  has been a low grade pain issue that has now become unbearable and when the swollen hands occured it was scary.

This person does not have insurance.

Obamacare is too expensive.

No primary care.

I can do some labs but, I can’t follow them up.

After a very lengthy discussion, we agree that primary care will be sought at a clnic known for working with people of limited means.

Meanwhile what can be done?

Wholistic pain relief measures

Outside of over the counter pain meds, you may be surprised to know that changing your diet can decrease your pain.

Moving more, rather than less, can decrease your pain.

“Your diet can either contribute to inflammation or calm it down.”   http://drhyman.com/blog/2010/04/20/natures-ibuprofen-pain-relief-from-within/

“A sedentary lifestyle increases pain and makes for poor overall health. Regular physical activity, however, works against pain” https://www.spineuniverse.com/treatments/pain-management/6-ways-regular-exercise-affects-chronic-pain

So, I recommended turmeric (antiinflammatory), stop, or at least decrease, all sugars and things that turn into sugar like bread, pastas etc. AND, find a primary care person for further evaluation.

Take away lessons:

  1. Avoid chronic illess with lifestyle changes
  2. Don’t go to an urgent care with a chronic issue. They can’t help you.
  3. Don’t go to the ER with a chronic issue, you may be treated badly unless your issue is life threatening.
  4. Find ways to improve your health and avoid taking lots of medications.  Medications are a bandaid, not a cure.

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