What’s In Your 👖s



DNA based nutrition


Don’t Let Your Genetics Rule Your Health.

When you were born, you received a bunch of 👖s from your mom and dad.

Most of them are normal but you probably have some variants (kind of abnormal) 👖.

These variants 👖can increase your risk of aging more quickly and of getting chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure.

While you are young, your body is really good at 🤼off things that want to turn on the variant 👖.

As you age and are exposed to more toxins in the air, your food, things you apply to your skin and so on, your body needs more help to 🤼of the bad guys.

In the best of cases you would get lots of exercise, breath clean air, put nontoxic things on your skin and most important of all, eat clean whole foods. 🍎🍇🍅🍆.

But, let’s get real.  How many people buy organic foods?

How many people even know what some of the vegetables look like let alone how to cook them to taste good.

So, people rely on 💊 from their doctors to control the symptoms of their chronic illnesses.

Others may go to the health food 🏬 and buy supplements that they think may resolve their symptoms.

But alas, 🤔what should you buy.  What works for one person may not work for another.

Much of how your body metabolizes foods, supplements and even 💊 depends on your 👖s.

What to do? 🤦‍♀️

Get your DNA tested and buy all the of the 🍅or supplements that your 👖sneed to 🤼off toxins etc.

That would cost around $760 monthly for the supplements and who knows how much for the foods that you would throw most of away.

OR, you could get your DNA tested buy a HIPPA compliant firm.  Get a supplement full of 🍇🍅🍆that is unique to you for 25% of the cost of buying individual supplements or whole foods.

🤔  🤑 vs 💰savings.

Message me for more info or visit http://choosehealth.uforiascience.com

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