Stressed! Who Me?


Feeling Stressed?

Take a deep breath.  I keep telling myself this.

I’m good at telling people to take a deep breath, take a minute to just be in the moment.

But, here I sit, writing a blog, listening to the “Dirty Genes Summit”, and trying to get ready to spend a weekend with my Sweet Adeline sisters while we prepare for competition.

To top it off, it’s a 2.5-hour drive one way.  Good thing the weather is great today.

I just finished seeing a coaching client as I prepare to sit the certification exam for Nurse Coach.


I am starting a functional medicine coaching program on February first.


So how will I stay healthy and unstressed through all of this?   A minute at a time.

I am a worrier.  I fight that continuously.  Taking the functional medicine course will provide me with a coach as I learn to coach others.   What a deal.

We all have things to work on to maintain our health.

Sickness (or dis-ease) doesn’t occur overnight.  We work hard on getting sick throughout our life.

That’s pretty dumb, right?

I think we all go on doing little, eating a lot and generally just moving through the day with little thought to what we are doing to our health.

In the end, when we are ready to retire and “enjoy life” we have become too sick or disabled to have fun and travel.

A few minutes every day, during our youth, could improve our odds of having a great retirement or senior years (some of us don’t retire).

I invite you to join me on my journey to health.

Come join me as we all learn to do something to improve our chances of great health.

Without great health, you can’t have a great life.



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