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Save Your Brain, Have Less Pain & Lose Weight, Simultaneously

How Can You Save Your Brain, Have Less Pain & Lose Weight, Simultaneously?

Have you ever felt like you are losing your mind?

Do words escape you?

Do you start saying something with the goal of making a point, then forget what point you were trying to make?

Are you over 50 years old?

Does this sound familiar?

My husbands side of the family has Alzheimer’s on both sides.  This makes me very aware of every time he can’t find something.  However, as a senior citizen, I find I lose words and names more frequently than I like to admit. There is only one documented case of Alzheimer’s in my family and he had Down’s Syndrome. My question was, how could they tell?

Where am I heading with this?

I was searching on Google for something and I ran across an ad for this book “The End of Alzheimer’s“. It is written by Dale Bredesen MD.  He is an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s.

The book has just been published so this is “hot off the press” information.

I looked it up on Amazon and browsed the contents and made an instant purchase.

The End of Alzheimer’s

In the first section of the book, Dr. Bredesen describes how dementia is not a single cause disease.  You don’t just get dementia like you get a cold.  He explains that there are 36 holes you have to fill to fix dementia.  Taking Aricept or Namenda only fills one of these holes. As we are all aware, these medications may slow the progress but dementia cannot be cured with them.  Up to now, there has been no hope of survival.  These medications do not save your brain.

He further presents a case study of his first patient and has some of his clients explain how it feels to come back from dementia.

Chapter 4 tells explains how to give yourself Alzheimer’s.   Why would you want to do that?  Apparently, most of us are traveling down that slippery slope.

Now you may be thinking this is all scientific mumbo jumbo but it’s not.  It’s a very easy read.

The deconstruction of Alzheimer’s is covered in the following section.  You can skip it if you don’t care for the scientific, pathophysiology stuff.   I loved it but then…………….

Finally, he explains how to be evaluated, or sort of evaluate yourself, for cognitive impairment.  Now don’t get worried.  Just because you lose your keys or can’t remember someone’s name doesn’t mean you’re going down the cognitive tube.

His ReCode method is described in detail so if you want to try some of it, you can do that without visiting your doctor.  Lab tests have to be ordered by a health care provider and some may not be covered by insurance.

In summary, the book describes how to give yourself Alzheimer’s (whether or not you have the genetics). How to find out if you have the genes and most importantly how to save your brain (improve your memory and so on).

So how does this decrease your pain and help you lose weight?

That’s the great part.

The diet is ketogenic.  This means your body burns fat instead of glucose for energy.  You will eat lots more fat and lots less sugar. You will lose weight. There is no doubt about it.

Not only will you save your brain and lose weight, you will have less pain because you are not eating the things that cause inflammation like sugar and glutens and dairy.   It really isn’t as bad as it seems and he tells you how to start slow and how to cheat.  Here is a man who understand people.

And there’s more.

AND, this protocol will also help regulate your blood sugar and improve your cholesterol.  This just gets better every page.

I actually sat and read this book cover to cover.   I confess, I have several books going at a time and frequently don’t get past the first few chapters. This is a common phenomenon.

The other book I am reading is “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by the head of Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Hyman.  His diet plan coincides with Dr. Bredesens.  How cool is that?

I did not find this at my local library because it’s too new.

It is available at Amazon.

Best of Health


Dale Bredeson MD  Check it out here.








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