Silent Night

Merry Christmas & A Healthy New Year

Silent Night

Merry Christmas

Normally, on Christmas Eve, I would be sharing a pizza with my relatives.  However, this Christmas is going to be truly white and travel is not terribly safe. In fact, I just checked the route north and there is a major accident on the road I would take to my sisters’ house.

Instead, I sit at my computer. My husband is napping in his easy chair and Christmas music is playing on the TV.  The dogs are out in the snow having a “barkfest”. Maybe they are wishing each other Merry Christmas.  the cat is sharpening his claws on a cardboard box.

I want to make some cookies but the sugar and flour are not healthy things.  Hmmm.   I would have to go to the grocery store for more brown sugar and butter.

I wonder whether health or craving will (as I sit here munching on a green bell pepper).

A time for reflection

This is the time of year people reflect on the year that has passed and make resolutions, that are usually not kept, to be healthier, make more money, decrease stress or whatever.

As I watch the snow fall gently on the Buckeye tree baring my late mother-in-laws Christmas ornaments  I too, ponder over the last year.

Since leaving the full-time practice of medicine (Family Nurse Practitioner) I have attempted to build a business as a Certified Aromatherapist. Unfortunately, I could not get people to get passed the “oil seller” label.  Aromatherapists operate much the same as other health practitioners. They take information from you about whatever issue you want to be solved by essential oils and together you figure out which oils, used in which way, will help resolve your issue.  But, much like in medicine, people come to you with a predetermined treatment (oil) they want and just want to buy the oil or blend.  Much like buying over the counter meds to treat whatever Dr. Google says you might have.  Am I sounding cynical? Probably!

After contemplating about my lack of success in motivating people toward the therapeutic use of essential oils, I asked myself, “self, what do you do well?”

I have been a nurse for over 40 years.  I have been an advanced practice nurse for 22 years (nurse midwife/family nurse practitioner). In that time the most frequent comments I have gotten at the end of visits were 1) I appreciate your honesty and straight-forward approach and 2) Noone has ever explained it that way before. Now I get it.

When I took a free strengths test, at, my top strengths were (and still are) honesty, thirst for knowledge and fairness.  As I have a million initials after my name and thousands of dollars in school loans, I guess the thirst for knowledge thing is true. I admit I am honest to a fault.

With all of this information, what do I do well, that I like to do that will still fall into the mantra of “I went into nursing to help other” (True statement by the way)?

I have lost my fondness for treating sinus infections.  Press-Ganey says that patient satisfaction is a top priority so giving antibiotics for colds keeps patients happy, not healthy.

Why do I stay in medicine?  I stay because I love to teach.  I love to help patients/clients learn new things about themselves and how they can get/stay health without prescription meds.

I love drawing a diagram of your heart with hypertension and how, if left untreated (or prevented) it leads to congestive heart failure.

I love answering questions.  That is probably my favorite thing to do.

If I don’t know the answer, I have to look it up.  I mean it, I HAVE TO LOOK IT UP.  I stop everything to find the answer. That’s why it takes me so long to read a book. I have to stop and look up the literature about whatever.

This is the reason I decided to go into health coaching.  Yes, I can be the expert if you just have a question but more importantly, I can help you find the answers within yourself.  The focus, goals and action steps are yours.   I will help you not bite off more than you can chew so that you don’t give up.

As I finish my coursework, I will have two national/international certifications. One from the Holistic Nurse Association and one from the International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaches.  The second, more globally accepted, will allow me to do advanced work in cognitive decline and other neurodegenerative diseases.  Those things that take your mind from you as they take your health.

I am feeling very pleased with myself as I take this road because I know I can help so many people.

Will I make money? Sure? Do you work for free?  Besides, people say “you get what you pay for”.

Will I be a millionaire?  Only if I win the lottery. Oh, that’s right, you have to play to win.

This is something I can do to maintain my sense of purpose and usefulness as I age.

It will also help me stay on the straight and narrow because who wants a coach who is unhealthy and so on?

Now about those cookies.

Merry Christmas Everyone.



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