It’s the Doctors fault

Today I am frustrated. I am a health care provider with lots of initials after my name. I am also a patient currently being treated for cancer. I get it.

I thought I was living relatively healthy but………………sh… happens.

So my passion is to stop the suffering of chronic illness because most can be prevented with lifestyle. But………….very few are willing to change their lifestyle at all and those who are happy with just popping pills don’t even do that right.

I offer information but people turn a deaf ear because they just don’t want to change even if the food makes their belly hurt.

So I am actually sharing a post from a blog that I read while looking for something humorous about noncompliance with medical care.

The cartoon hits home but the article blames the doc (provider) for the bad things that happen like my blood sugar isn’t stable. Why are you managing it better. Well…………………I can’t do anything about your blood sugar if you are stuffing cookies and Mc Donalds in your mouth every day.

Health is a personal responsibility. While medical errors do get made, how about all of the lifestyle things that could have prevented the visit to begin with.

With that, here is the link to the article.

doctors fault
I am talking to myself it is clear because change is not what you want to hear.

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