“How to Make Disease Disappear” A Review

make disease disappear

How To Make Disease Disappear by Rangan Chatterjee MD

I have to say that I rarely read a book from cover to cover but I did finish this one.

Being a nurse for 47 years, I have witnessed the incredible increase is chronic illness and the pathetic inability conventional medicine has to treat it.

I have experienced that people think of improving health as dieting and exercising while leaving out other very important aspects of health maintenance.

Dr. Chatterjee describes the road to health as containing four pillars.

  • Relaxing
  • Eating
  • Moving
  • Sleeping

Each of these pillars is further dissected so that the reader understands exactly what to do to improve his/her health.

Most of his instructions are fairly simple and have great value. However, I have to say that the exercises (calisthenics) he recommends are little beyond my ability.  They really seem better suited to those who already are fairly fit.  But, you can always tailor them to your own needs. The point is to move.

If you have ever watched his TV series “Doctor In The House” on BBC, Dr. Chatterjee moves in with people and cleans out, and I do mean cleans out, all of the processed food in the house.  He absolutely recommends only whole foods.  This view is brought forth very well in his book.

I like the stress he puts on the importance of relaxation and sleep.  These two things are skipped over frequently in the USA.  We are very busy being busy and claim we have no time to relax and little to sleep.  Dr. Chatterjee explains how each of these can be the difference between health and illness.

Clearly, the way we “manage” (because doctors can’t cure) chronic illness isn’t working.

It is in the hands of the individual to “Make Disease Disappear”.  It is possible, but it’s up to you.

You have a choice. Choose Health!

Read this book. You’ll love it.

Terri Lohman DNP,  FNP-BC, BC-NC

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Nurse Coach