A Wellness Coach is a Wellness Coach! Or not.

Coaching is like dancing

Wellness Coach

They are all alike, right?

The coaching program I was looking forward to has finally started.

The lectures/webinars are entertaining and instructive.  My cohort mates are super.  My own coach is cool.

But aren’t wellness coaches all alike?

Isn’t the training the same?

Well…………. No.

I know several coaches and they either have a different training or no training, just personal experience.

Not all of us see coaching in the same way.

Some take more of the expert approach.

Case in point.  One coach said she wanted people who are fed up with the medical system and wanted people who weren’t finding answers to their issues with conventional medicine.

I’m ok with that.

Then she said they had to be willing to listen and be compliant with her recommendations.

This is actually an expert approach.

It’s like going to a doctor’s office, running tests and being prescribed a drug, supplement or lifestyle change.

The difference, I assume, is that she will help you accomplish those goals.

I was taught, and have learned through many years of working in medicine, that coaching is like a dance.

You dance with a partner.

The coach is your partner.

You lead, the coach follows.

The client/patient frequently has a clue as to what is going on.

We (coaches and providers) need to take the time to listen.

Coaching, as I understand and practice it, is the engagement of a coach by a person who wants to, needs to or was told to make some lifestyle changes.

That person generally knows what has to change.

The client is the best person to tell you their focus and goals and you help them find, in themselves, the baby steps they will take to accomplish these goals.

If they fall off the wagon.  Oh well,  Get up and try again.  No one is perfect.

No scolding, no reprimanding,  just discovering together what works and what doesn’t.

Is the coach ever an expert?

Occasionally.  If the coach possesses information that you want to have.

Is one way right and the other wrong.


Different strokes for different folks.

Some people like to be told what to do.

Others are empowered by finding the answers, with a little help, from within themselves.


For more information about health & wellness coaching and/or a free 30-minute session, contact me at theresalohman00@gmail.com  (those are zeroes)



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